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Interviewer For a very long period you managed to keep your good ranking, you have entered the top 100 of the world!

Orlyn Stanoytchev: It was both a good and a bad year. I didn't have chance - I lost many three set matches but I was in the main draw of a Grand Slam event and in the main draw of 15 other good tourneys. This is pretty good according to the fact that previously I was playing only in "Challengers" and "Satellites". I faced the big tennis, I got experiense

InterviewerWhat are your aims for the upcomming year?

Orlyn Stanoytchev: I want to be in the main draw of Roland Garos and to keep my good ranking. I think it is possible with more selfconfidence

InterviewerWhat haven't you achieved yet?

Orlyn Stanoytchev: A lot of things. I have never played a semifinal of a strong tourney, I have never played against a top 20 player. Many times I could have won against better players, but I missed the chance. That always makes me angry, but I start to work harder.

InterviewerWhat do you see in the mirror?

Orlyn Stanoytchev: Well, I don't think I am sexy. I see myself - a normal person, 185 in hight and 82 in weight

InterviewerAnd how is Orlyn inside?

Orlyn Stanoytchev: Very ambitios and good person. I am not arrogant, although I resemble one, because of my behavior on the court. Some people always try to change, but I don't see a reason why should I.

Afterwards Orlyn said that everybody he'd played against has helped him in a way. He said that if one wants to be respected, they have to win, in other case nobody pays them attention

L. Angelova