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Sisters into semis

Since professional tennis began almost 31 years ago, only three sister combinations have reached the semifinals of the same tournament. Manuela and Katerina Maleeva first accomplished the feat at the Volvo Tennis Open at Mahwah, New Jersey in 1987 when Manuela recorded her sixth straight victory over Katerina (6-3, 6-4) to advance to the final. Manuela and younger sister Magdalena followed at Zurich in 1993 when both reached the semifinals and Manuela went on to win the tournament

Their historic Wimbledon semifinal Thursday had all the suspense of a Maleeva match. Which meant the older sister prevailed and, as most Maleeva matches involving Manuela, Katerina and Maggie once did, it ended in tears.

The highest the three Maleeva sisters were ranked at the same time was from June 14-July 4, 1993, when Magdalena was No. 11, Manuela No. 12 and Katerina No. 13. The best any two of the Maleevas could manage at any one time was when Katerina was No. 7 and Manuela No. 8 from June to August, 1990.