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The Maleeva photos

Bulgaria (J. Berberyan, Manuela and Katerina Maleeva, D. R. Zdravkova) - the Federation Cup in Brasil. Bulgaria reaches the quarterfinals
A family Portrait
Julia Berberyan and the youngest of the Maleeva queens - Maggie
The Maleeva family on the court, but who tries to escape the daily training?
What do you say about the tennis racquet?
Best doubles partners - Katerina and Manuela Maleeva
The Maleevas - George Stoimenov, George Maleev, the father and the mother of Julia Berberyan, Julia Berberyan (?), Francois Fragniere, kneeling: Katerina, Magdalena and Manuela Maleeva - the biggest tennis family in the world
Daily jogging