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>> - THE OFFICIAL Magdalena Maleeva site, updated with every tournament played, contains a lot of useful info such as current rankings, photos, articles and links. ****

>> - The Maleeva Site by Gavin, unfortunatelly a bit destroyed now, the greatest Maleeva site on the net. *****

>> - Geoff's wonderful tennis site devoted to the players of the WTA, who had quit playing tennis. Wonderful pics and useful information. A must for a tennis fan *****

>> - Geoff's women tennis site with a lot of pictures and comments. Great site !!! *****

>> - a really great Bulgarian site (in English though) about Tomas Enqvist. Contains a lot of pictures, tournament results (updated after every match played), archive section, biography, etc. *****

>> - A wonderful site about tennis, some very quality photos and a lot of information. ****

>> - A Patty Schnyder fan site, with comments on matches, and results regulary updated. As well - pics, bio, etc. Good designed :-)) ****