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The Coolest Stars of the WTA
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Hi everybody - this is a site devoted not to the stars of the WTA -players, that appear on the covers of the tennis magazines, but to those who are the stars for me.

One of the coolest stars is Joanette Kruger, a tennis player of the Republic of South Africa. She is to great extend the main reason for building this site. However, here one can find info and photos about players like Amanda Coutzer, Miriam de Swart, Sabine Apelmans, Dominique van Roost, Magdalena Maleeva and many many more ....

I will try to provide some info and other stuff about the players. That's why I will appreciate everything sent to me at <a href=""></a>. Thank you in advance and come back.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Hey, this is the most beautiful player on the WTA, ain't she?

Latest News and Results

07, 01, 2001 - a new site devoted to the WTA players appeared. Joanette Kruger is in the centre of attention.

08, 01, 2001 - Joanette Kruger is playing in Canberra. In the first round she plays vs Magui Serna of Spain.