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Elena Wagner after the second round loss at Roland Garos'99

Int: You were defeated by the Williams sister at "Roland Garos".

Elena Wagner: Yes, we didn't have much chance. They dominate with physical strength and perfect technique.

Int: You were unable to pass the second round again. Your comment

EPW: This time I had much more chance than the last year when I lost to another French player - Sandrin Testud. But sometimes you just need more luck

Int: How you got started playing doubles with Vanessa Menga

EPW: We met in Key Biskane. We played the qualifications there and we qulified. Afterwards she played in the same tourney as me. We shall play at Wimbledon together too. Lately I have to change my partners very often.

Int: Your plans ahead

EPW:I have to take part in a photo session for my sponsors. I am tired from so many tourneys. From the German Balls I got an ache in my shoulders. I am happy that I was able to play for Germany as a part of the Fed Cup Team

Int: Do you think that the Usa's impact is strongening?

Definitely. Right now everything is under Usa's control. Even when we have to fill the blankets for the tourneys we have to state that we accept some regulations and if we do something wrong we can be charged on the laws of this-and-this American state. There is tendency that the first 100 seperate from the other players on the Tour